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Food - is our passion 

Airline food currywurst

Each box is an adventure on its own...

Sweet or Salty Box

Airline food antipasti

The right product for all those who love fingerfood!


Catering desserts and sweets

Cookies and desserts to sweeten up every journey...

Sweets & Desserts

Airline catering sandwich

Tasty, healthy and available in many variations...


Catering hot snack

Our hot snacks take you on a trip around the world...

Hot Snacks

Halal food catering

Our halal products were created to meet the needs of our customers...

Halal Products

Food Catering Sweet and Salty

Two delicious snacks: one salty and one sweet!

Sweet & Salty Box

Airline food cheese

More than 1.000 different types of cheese...

Cheese & more

Airline bread rolls

Germany is famous for its bread culture and the large variety. Have a look...

Bread & Rolls

Pasta & Risotto



Sous Vide